Monday, February 11, 2013

Where in the world...

I deleted my blogger app just after Christmas. Life was just to much. I didn't feel up to writing the bright sides of life when I couldn't see any. Annnd I still don't.

As the infamous due date approaches, depression gets stronger. & I have no idea how to get through it alive. Just saying.

Ive had the sweetest friends tell people they know ( mothers to be who don't really want to be pregnant) about our situation & while nothing has panned out, im not crossing my fingers. If it happens, it happens.

Life is going to get hectic  before it gets better. I get it. Just wish I could sleep & wake up to a beautiful day.

David is still working & loving it. Birthday on Saturday & some surprises in store.

Jaz, has bounced back. Creokes 5 days a week is helping. Having a church she likes is good too.

Little by little.


Nolita said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling so depressed. I wish you would feel blessed instead (I know it's hard!). You are in my prayers!

The Tampkins said...

Im going to go to Ohio for awhile, change of scenery & family to help take my mind off it.

The Tampkins said...

Sorry, hit send to soon. Thanks for the prayers. Hopefully David can meet up with you guys soon lol still have Christmas gifts to give.